Experienced sommelier

A renowned sommelier and host, Jessica Harnois has worked in some of the world’s best establishments including Montreal’s Le Toque, Chicago’s Charlie Trotter’s and Sydney’s Tetsuya’s.

For some years she worked as a prestigious wine buyer for the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ Signature and Courrier viticole) and was in charge of the storage cellar containing some 75 000 exclusive wine bottles.

Jessica’s incredible career path also includes a four-year stint as president of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers and a vice-presidency at the Pan-American Sommelier Alliance which oversees more than seven countries from the Americas.

Wine accessible for everyone

Nowadays, Jessica Harnois presides over Vins au Féminin, a wine animation agency of her own creation headlined by the likes of Véronique Rivest (judged world’s second best sommelier) and Nadia Fournier (Le guide du vin Phaneuf). She is also the creator of the popular wine game VEGAS Tasting and has recently published her third book, Un Sommelier à votre table 2, which she co-wrote with Alexandre Marchand.

Jessica can also be heard on the radio where she offers wine chronicles every Friday morning on BLVD Radio in Quebec City with host Stéphane Gasse and at 3 p.m. with Patricia Paquin at 107,4 Rouge FM.

She can be seen regularly on V channel on the show Ménage à Trois with Annie-Soleil Proteau and Patrick Langlois and is a frequent contributor for shows such as Ricardo, Marina Orsini, and Salut Bonjour!

Moreover, Jessica has co-wrote with Alexandre Marchand Un sommelier à votre table, a wine guide including the 200 best wines of the years as selected by Quebec’s 50 best sommeliers. The book has received Renaud-Bray’s Coup de coeur mention and is sold in every good library as well as at Costco.


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